Designed for foreigners who travel to Argentina

Our intensive courses are for foreigners traveling to Argentina. They are designed for people coming from abroad and who choose our country as their destination. They come to Santa Fe city wishing to learn Spanish or to improve and perfect their knowledge of the language.

Our courses comprise tuition as well as socio-cultural activities throughout the stay in our city. They are organized in four levels: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced, with each level being divided into 3 modules. Courses are offered during January, February, July and August.


Level 1: - Elementary Level (Survival)
At this level students learn to express themselves and understand speakers in everyday situations in the street, shops, restaurants, etc. and in their working environment. They can have short telephone conversations and read simple texts. Students are able to answer questions easily but have difficulties in asking them. Students can have short conversations with native speakers. By the end of the course, mistakes in their oral expression do not hinder communication.

Level 2: Pre-intermediate Level (Exchange)
At this level students exchange ideas with other speakers and talk about various topics with a certain degree of abstraction, with a greater fluency, and engage in lengthier conversations. Students can present and exchange information, opinions, and points of view, and know how to justify them using simple structures and basic language. Students are active participants in conversations. They can negotiate and manage situations that take an unexpected course. Despite their limited vocabulary, students are able to find alternative expressions. Complex grammatical structures are not yet expected.

Level 3: Intermediate Level (Discussion)
Upon completion of this level, students are able to express their viewpoints about abstract topics, argue, discuss and formulate hypotheses fluently, using appropriate grammar. They understand discourse of a certain complexity in different registers. They have a general knowledge of language and grammar and use complex grammatical structures. Their vocabulary is wide and they are capable of using synonyms.

Level 4: Advanced Level (The Subtleties of Language)
Students are able to express themselves with grammatical and semantic accuracy, and apply discourse strategies. Furthermore, students are able to understand fast, complex and fluent discourse in different registers. They do not make systematic grammatical mistakes.
Lesson Schedule

From Monday to Friday: January/ February - July / August: 20 hours a week. .

Before the course starts, the level of Spanish of each student is evaluated in order to make a correct student placement.
Groups consist of three to eight students so as to guarantee an active participation of each member and the appropriate follow up from the teacher.

Weekly activities

Time / Days
Recreational Activities
Sports Activities
Cultural Activities
Recreational Activities
Sports Activities
Cultural Activities
Tango/Salsa Class

Afternoon Activities (Monday through Friday)
City tour by car around the most relevant points of the city of Santa Fe..
Shopping center and Casino.
Walking tour starting at the pedestrian street to the south, historical area. Sightseeing: Law Court, Government House. Visit to the Cathedral and Jesuit Church (Iglesia de los Milagros). Time for photographs.
Tango lesson.
Visit to the University Auditorium and walking tour along Galvez Boulevard.
Visit to exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum.
Suspension Bridge.
Visualization of architectural styles.
Catamaran ride.
Visit to the Two Cultures Square. Church. Saint Francis Museum. Ethnography Museum. History Museum.
Visit to Santa Fe Brewery.
Walk along San Martin Pedestrian Street. Visit to the Municipal Museum and the Museum of Visual Arts.
Gym and reggaeton lesson at Khalos Gym.
Photography lesson
Folklore lesson.
Ride along the West Riverside and visit to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
Visit to San Jose del Rincon: town, church, museum.
Guided tour to "Rosa Galisteo de Rodriguez" Art Museum.
Visit to the Legislature.
Ride along the river bank to the town of Santa Rosa de Calchines. El Molino Cabins.
Visita guiada al Museo Rosa Galisteo de Rodriguez y Legislatura.
Visit to Cayastá, the Ruins of Old Santa Fe. Museum. Visit to the Cayastá Cabin Complex.
Painting Workshop, by artist Gabriela Pertovt.
Visit to El Litoral Newspaper and the radio station belonging to the University (Radio Universidad). Interview and photographs.
Visit to "El Pozo" University Campus and Pottery Factory, in the town of La Guardia.
*Spanish-speaking tour guide for all the activities.
20 hours course + social activities U$S 250 .-

Weekend Activities
Trip to the city of Rosario. Accommodation: Hostel. Full board.
Price per person: U$S 150 .
Trip to the cities of Parana and Concepcion del Uruguay. Accommodation (full board) and tours..
Price per person: U$S 210.
Trip to the city of Cordoba. Accommodation: Carlos Paz Town. 2 days/1 night. Full board..
Price per person: U$S 245 .

Suggested Accommodation
Homestay, half board ( breakfast & dinner): USD 245 .- weekly.
Hostel, half board ( breakfast & dinner): USD 280 .- weekly.
2-star hotel, half board ( breakfast & dinner): USD 410 .- weekly.

One-to-one lessons

Individual lessons are organized to meet the needs and specific requirements of each student. The frequency of classes taught in our institution are dependent on the timetable and working schedule of each student.

US$ 20 per hour.